Loot from the Ju Ju house

Bloody Tongue mask: M’Daris mask, is decorated with a mummified human tongue.

High priest’s robe: a long feathered shawl of shimmering color.

Lion’s claws: taken from a lion and fixed to glove-like garments so that they may be worn. The construction is sturdy enough that these two ritual items can be used a weapons

Mask: a carved wooden African mask with four hideous faces perched atop a thick, corded neck with a basketlike reed, feather, and fabric collar that hides the wearer’s face.

Burnished copper bowl: etched with unrecognizable runes and signs.

(Magical item) Carved scepter: African in origin, carved from baobab wood and inset with runes, perhaps recognizable to someone who knows Language (Egyptian hieroglyphics)

The runes mean “Nyambe, Thy Power Mine.” The scepter grants ten additional magic points to  anyone grasping the scepter and calling on Nyambe. These points dissipate in one hour if not used. Once used, the scepter cannot provide more magic points until the next sunrise. Nyambe is a western and southern African name for the supreme god.

Headband of grey metal: various cuneiform-like runes are scratched into the surface of this heavy, curiously warm, metal band.

Locked cash box: the box can easily be pried open with a screwdriver

A very modern marine chronometer: mounted on the wall above the peg for the priest’s robes.

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