Shadowrun Factions

Faction Affiliation Bo. Jo. Lu. Ka. Ma.
Ancients 3
Ares Technology 3
Atlantean Foundation 2
Draco foundation 5
Fratelli Family (Mafia, Italian) 0 (-4)
Gianelli Family (Mafia, Italian) 1
Horizon 2
Humanis Policlub -5
Knight Errant 4
Lone star 1
Newsnet 3
Octagon 4
Orc Underground 5
Seader-Krupp 1
Skraacha 5
Spikes (go-gang) -5
Terra First -5
Tir -1
162s -3
Blood mountain boys -1
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies -3 (convicts)
Troll killers (neo Nazist) -4


Factional Affiliation: Runners can earn factional affiliation points by doing missions for a given faction, and lose affiliation points by going against a faction.

A given faction can be Allied, slightly positive, Neutral, Estranged, or Opposed to your group.

4-5 points Allied: This faction is friendly with your faction or group. They consider you trusted allies and often believes you even though you are in a tight spot. They will lent you money and go to several length of trouble to help you out.

2-3 points Slight positive: This faction is slightly in favor of your group and would work with you anytime. However, as everybody knows – it is just biz.

1 – -1 Neutral: This faction could care less about the other or you. Most megacorps are neutral to most gangs or law enforcement agencies, for example. When you are unknown to this faction you will be al lvl 0.

-2 – -3 Estranged: Not enemies, per se, but not neutral either. This faction may distrust you due to your reputation with a given faction or a particular job. For example, many small businesses may be estranged from the mafia, who is known to extort money from businesses. Most megacorps are considered estranged from each other. You are not enemies with the faction, but they will look upon you with concern an uncertainty, and often choose others to work with instead of you.

-4 – -5 Opposed: These factions outright hate each other or your group. While this might not go as far as gang warfare or hit contract – it might. Most major criminal syndicates are considered opposed to each other, if not estranged. You have taken direct actions against this faction, they will not forget that unless something really new is brought to the table.

Graphical overview

  • Numbers in white box are affiliation score
  • Letters in green, yellow and red boxes are individual team members view on the faction (green: positive; yellow: indifferent; red: negative)
  • Lines ending in circles show affiliations between factions (red: negative/opposed; green: positive/allies; yellow: positive competition)
  • Green lines with an arrow shows when a faction is a subsidiary of a nother faction (arrow points at the subsidiary).
  • Grey boxes indicate that there is some sort of connection maybe even corporation between some factions.
  • Faction colors: Blue/Grey: Corporate/Subsidiary; Purple: Foundation; Pink: Organization; Orange: Criminal syndicate or gang; Green: Individual person.