Shadowrun House Rules


Every time you use a drug, make a check (either physiological, psychological, or both as appropriate), with a threshold equal to the drugs addiction threshold. Track your failures. Once you get a number of failures equal to (11- the addiction rating), you gain the addiction negative quality at one level higher than your current level for that drug.

Failures will be deleted (set to 0) after drug intake plus addiction threshold week. So, in week 1 you take Kamikaze, then on week 4 (addiction threshold 3) all failures are deleted.


Addiction Thresholds

Øges med 1 for alle drugs


Attribute Augmented Maximum

Vi følger reglerne fra Shadowrun Missions, hvor alle former for bonus til attributes regnes med i attribute augmented maxium på +4.


Initiative Dice Stacking

Vi følger reglerne fra Shadowrun Missions i forhold til stacking af initiativterninger fra forskellige kilder.


Conjuring (p.299)

Resist Drain (p.300): Drain Value is changed to being the Force of the Spirit.

Banishing (p.301): Drain Value is changed to being the Force of the Spirit.


Vehicle Crash Rules

New Crash Rules from Shadowrun


Drone Weapon Mounts

Vi følgerne reglerne i Shadowrun Missions vedr. begrænsninger på, hvilke størrelser weapon mounts som passer til hvilke størrelser droner.