Letter number 2: Jackson Elias

Dear Williams,

I have just talked to McTavish about an expedition to Peru. I am back in New York but will leave for Lima in a couple of hours on MS Loretta. I am pursuing a lead on a so called “Vampire cult” near Lake Titicaca.

Right now, expedition leader Augustus Larkin is putting a team together in Lima, and he has requested Miskatonic University to participate. I think McTavish will support this and I suggested my esteemed friend Professor Williams to lead the US team. I believe we need to travel up in the Andes, so a bit of security and a physician might come in handy – so bring the team and Ill hopefully see you in Lima. If McTavish won’t pay for the entire team, then let Jonah Kensington know, and he will have the travel money ready, once you arrive in New York for the boat.

Btw, I have read your article on the Dark brotherhood – That is some disturbing reading, and it fits perfectly into the book. Let’s talk in Lima and when we get back have Jonah Kensington to plan the process of publishing and later lectures and events where we do a bit of marketing.

Kindly and many nice thoughts.



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