Letter from Jackson Elias

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am so thrilled to work with you on this new book project. I am currently writing a book, addressing death cults in northern USA. It is composed of several different chapters, where each of them describes and analyses the purpose, how did they come to be, who is participating (gender, age groups, education etc.). I find it fascinating, how these cults start and why – especially in our modern society.

I was thinking that you could be the author of one (or two?) chapters, where you describe the Dark Brotherhood, and how it turned away from the Society Of the Unexplained. Also include the Merriweather ask (not mentioning his name), and maybe also the trip to Ross corner (I wonder what you will find there, besides an old house)

My working title is: Death and dark cults in the United States of America, but I am open to better names.

All of my books are published by Prospero Press of New York City, and all edited by owner/editor Jonah Kensington. Kensington is a good friend of mine (as you and Singleton are). Mr. Kensington will be in touch with the details of your chapter – number of pages, form etc. I will also encourager you to visit Mr. Kensington in New York, to discuss your fee and further details like a book signing tour and maybe even a promotion trip to Europe!. I have enclosed 100 Dollars for your expenses.

Mr. Kensington will be in contact with your secretary on of the following days.

I am of to New York and later by boat to South America. I have an interesting lead, that needs to be followed.

Kindly and stay happy

Jackson Elias

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