Magic item: Promise of Mountains

Magical staff of defense
The magical Glassstaf was crated in the forge of Spells by a drow wizard called Teriel. He was the original protector of the mine and co-signer of the Phandelver pact. It was regarded as a good sign, that a Dow crafted a defense weapon and not an attack weapon, which helped sign the  peace between all stakeholders related to the mine. The staff marked the peace and was named Promise of mountains. It is believed that Teriel died in Wave Ecco cave and his remains was buried with him. The staff has been lost for hundreds of years, but it is still remembered in Drow and Dwarven myths as the instrument and keeper of peace. 


This slender, hollow staff is made of glass yet is as strong as oak. It weighs 3 pounds.


Requires attunement
Wielder gains _+_1 to AC while holding it
10 charges
Persuasion skill check gets advantage (2 charges)
Spells: mage armor (1 charge), shield (2 charges)
Regains 1d6_+_4 charges/day at dawn
If last charge expended: 1 in 20 chance staff shatters

This staff was wielded by Iarno Albrek (“Glasstaff”) in Phandalin, which led to him being known as “Glasstaff.”

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