Magic item: Blood steal

This pitch black rapier seems to emit darkness and expel light from any area when it is wielded. When blood hits the sword a red sign of Bhaal shines on the hilt of the Rapier. Everyone who lays eye on the sign can taste blood in their mouths.

A blade crafted for the wealthy heir to the throne of the Netheril. The sword was crafted 1500 years ago, but is still totally perfect.

The Netheril heir lacked skill with the blade and so the blade was crafted to seek enemy’s flesh in the final few inches of an attack. The blade had the intended effect of making up for the poor skill of the prince, but the blade fell into possession of the younger brother of the heir. With the blade in more competent hands it became clear that such a blade was a masterful tool of warfare instead of the blundering idiot’s showpiece. The blade, augmented by the skill of the younger brother allowed him to usurp his brother and take the throne.

Magic Rapier of blood, +1 [Piercing]. When you roll a 1 or 2 on your damage roll (1d8), you may roll 1d6 and take that roll instead. You must take that roll. Once a day, the sword can create a globe of darkness similar to the 2nd level darkness spell. The wielder of the sword is able to see through the spell.

Requires attunement

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