Matrix search: María Fyolek García Sacristán

María Fyolek García Sacristán— Henry Uribe’s right hand woman and the principal expediter—is a no-nonsense woman in her late twenties. While her features and skin color suggest a Latin American background, her eyes betray a hint of Asian ancestry or a very good plastic surgeon. Though petite and attractive, Sacristán has made it this far in life through hard work, ruthlessness, and skill. Uribe trusts her instincts and judgment implicitly and Sacristán makes sure he is never disappointed. While she has been known to use her feminine wiles to get her way, she’s both willing and able to take care of herself if anyone gets too familiar or tries to take advantage of her. Unlike Uribe, Sacristán doesn’t like to waste time on pleasantries or small talk; her business is dates, times, and numbers, and
she likes to get it done as quickly and safely as possible.

During the tour of the wold, Sacristán is responsible for expediting any operations that cannot be deniable handled by the delegation’s own security detail—to that end she prefers placing dependable independent assets on retainer rather than hiring unknown quantities each time.

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