Matrix Search: Ciarniello family

The Ciarniellos are one of the three Mafia families operating in Seattle, UCAS.

They are led by Don Vince “Numbers” Ciarniello who has delegated some fields (pornography and prostitution) to his son Caesar “Chrome” Ciarniello.

As of the 2070’s, the Ciarniello family holds a great deal of power all over Bellevue, including the District Court and the minimum-security Bellevue Correctional Facility. This family is seriously prejudiced against orks and trolls. Most of its capi would never initiate a trog into the family, but they have no problems with elves. Like the other two families, the Ciarniellos are a mostly human crime family.

In the district of Everett, the Ciarniellos share control of the drug trade with the Finnigans. In turn in the Bellevue district, the main rackets of the Ciarniellos are BTL chips and prostitution.

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