Matrix Search: Ghost Cartels

The Ghost Cartels originated in the major drug cartels of Central and South America in the late twentieth century, the narcotrafficantes, which were primarily known for aggressive, ruthless, and often very violent practices related to the growing, production, shipping, and distribution of drugs like marijuana and cocaine. In the twenty-first century, several of those drug cartels came together to help form the foundation of what is now known as Aztechnology, which in turn played an integral role in founding Aztlán. They made the remaining cartels an offer they could not refuse: join and serve them (whether as AZT or the government), or be eradicated.

Those cartels that managed to survive fled to their strongholds in South America (primarily Columbia and Brazil) and continued to sell drugs, suppressing competition from BTLs through means both legitimate and illegal. When the Amazonian government was in its fledgling state, the cartels went out of their way to help establish it in order to curry favor and keep attention away from their businesses so they could continue to flourish. As time went by, they have managed to remain on the outskirts of Amazonia, walking a tightrope existence that has allowed them to survive—or come back from the dead. Hence the name Ghost Cartels.

The Ghost Cartels are made up of the Olaya Cartel, the Andes Cartel, the Morales Cartel, the Cachoeira Cartel, and many other “smaller” Cartels (like the Castañeda group) that nevertheless are locally powerful in their own right. Rivalries notwithstanding, these cartels loosely support each other, recognizing that more profit can be made that way rather than diverting resources to unnecessary infighting. Should anything happen to threaten profitability for all, however, it can be assured that the off ending party will be dealt with in an unforgiving manner.

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