Matrix search: Ragers

The Ragers are a metahuman gang based in Seattle.

Membership: a few hundred

It’s a gang that’s mostly orks and trolls, with a few humans. The Ragers got their name from the Night of Rage. Its members pride themselves on keeping the memory alive even though they only have a couple of members who are old enough to actually remember it.

Human “ragers” are rarely officers because of their rather low reputation within the gang and if they often only have other human “ragers” gangers but none of their orcish and trollic gang chummers under their direct command … One of those few human Lieutenant of the Ragers is a colored man named Caine .

They clashed with the Mafia for awhile back in the early 2060s, but eventually they had to face reality: either throw in with the mob or get wiped off the map. They don’t like it, but they can’t deny the fact that it’s been a lucrative relationship for both sides.

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