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Rating AA
World Headquarters: Guayaquil, Ecuador
President: Jaime Salazar
CEO: Anibal Casimiro Pereira
Corporate Status: Private Corporation

KondOrchid (KO) is a South America-based megacorporation with a focus on shipping and logistics along the Pacific Rim. The AA-rated transportation and shipping conglomerate acquired the much-sought AA rating from the Corporate Court in 2061.

  • SubsidiariesEdit
  • Kondorchid Cargo
  • Tradex
  • Ribamar Shipbuilding and Off shore Construction
  • PanAmerican Rail
  • KondOrchid also owns shares of Aerial Industries, a Latin subsidiary of the German Zeppelinwerke in Metrópole.

Transnational shipping AA-corp KondOrchid (KO) has depos in all major ports. Seattle is no exception,
and KO possesses a warehousing and distribution facility on the Everett Docks. The Everett facility is a rectangular area fenced off by an electrified 4-meter high fence and encompasses three large automated warehouses with multiple loading docks, two dockside container crane drones, and a two story office building.

General manager of the Seattle branch is Roberto Záfon.

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