Tears in the rain

Jin looked into the rain from her room. The drumming sound on the window was relaxing, even though several bullet holes in the glass reminded her of the rough neighborhood and her situation. The White as Snow brothel had been her “home” for 8 months, but it felt like a life time. Work was hard and very tough, but at least she had roof over her head and food on the table. She often felt like a slave, but Wang Li had told her, it was a privilege to work for the Octacon and she should regard it as a gift.

Jin missed her parents but more her only child, who was taken from her just after birth. A little boy, that would be 2 years now if she recalled the date correctly. A tear left her eye and landed in the pool of rainwater, that was coming through the fractured window. A beautiful tear in an ocean of despair.

A car pulled up in front of the building. 5 persons got out including Wang Li. They seemed capable of almost anything, their movements and analyzing stare reminded her of predators on the hunt. They were clearly armed. Jin hoped they would treat her nicely, but again in this life nothing is certain. She corrected her makeup, quickly changed into a kimono and went downstairs to meet her new management crew and her new boss Mr. Lassetier.


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