A dark cave full of terrors

Screams sounded within the cave and echoed for a long time. Yeemik liked the sound of slaughter, despair and death – elves preferable but humans would do as well. The cave was dark and the only source of light was two small torches in each corner. They might be used later to deliver some burns Yeemik thought with a vindictive smile on his rat face.

Yeemik poked the knight with his short word. Old blood still covered the human and n

ew sprinkles poured out and over the old wounds. “I fucking don’t know anything you little shit” the prisoner said. Not with his loud and aggressive sound anymore – now it was more a low hissing sound – like he was talking to himself.  The knight was a great price, and Yeemik would hopefully get rewarded. The only issue was that fucking chief Klarg had taken all the praise and left nothing for the tripe or Yeemik. “I am second in command and I should be the one getting the pay” Yeemik though while he slashed the human in the leg.

Maybe he could use the knight later. Too bargain and Klarg could have an accident – a real serious one!. The only issue was the wolves and those stupid stupid goblin troops. As long as they got to kill and drink grog, they would be happy. A plan started to form in the small mind of Yeemik – trade the knight, get money, pay for someone to kill Klarg, take over the tribe. Easy.

But now the prisoner needed to suffer and feel excruciating pain – not to underpin Yeemiks plan but only because he liked to be the one delivering it.

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