Job offer – a note to consider

’Citizens of neverwinter!

Gundren Rockseeker here – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

You represent the beginning of a grand adventure. I need hardy, skilled, profit-led and competitively-priced individuals to join me in Phandalin where my brothers Tharden, Nundro and I need serious help …definitely. High moral and lawful attitude might not help you in this endeavor – hard work, loyalty and dedication will! 

We are so confident in this opportunity that I am willing pay the grand sum of 10 gold dragons to any who help bring supplies from Neverwinter safely to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.

To those who are willing I invite you to meet me on the 2nd September at 19.00 in the Driftwood Tavern for the opportunity of a lifetime. For one day you’ll be saying, “Poverty? What’s a poverty? And then you can thank me, Gundren Rockseeker, for being the generous and humble employer you will have undoubtedly grown to love!

 G.R – EE

1481 DR
The Year of the Grinning Halfling

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