The Tae System, part 1


48 years ago – in 119 AFC (2244) – a Therasian Gate in the Clathio system leading to the Tae system was discovered. The Clathio-Tae gate is in orbit around Tai II, so the confederation’s expeditionary force quickly began to investigate the planet and its two moons. They gave the planet and the moons their names based on the names of the ship crew, that discovered the Clathio-Tae gate.

While Kailor had a rich and varied flora and fauna, the expeditionary force did not find any intelligent life on the planet, or on any other planets or moons in the system. However, it was found that Kailor was suitable for colonization. So the confederation started a bidding round, in order to find a corp to spearhead this colonization. The hypercorp Stellargenesis won the contract.

31 years ago a second Therasian gate was discovered in the system – orbiting the moon of Tae VI. This gate lead to the Mirhul system.


The confederation has appointed a governor for the entire system – a shirren by the name T´kkyl Kegrit. He has been in office for the last 13 years. He is supported by a council of representatives from the larger communities across the entire system as well as the biggest corporations operating in the system.

The government and council have offices in both the capitol (Noheuv) on Kailor and on Kailor Port Station.

Security and Peacekeeping

Admiral Ann Haftel (human) of the confederation is in charge of all security in the system. She answers directly to the governor, and is also part of the council.

The Confederation army has a small fleet in the system, as well as a couple of bases. Its presence is, however, mostly concentrated on and around Kailor and Tae V’s moon.

Day-to-day security on Kailor and on Kailor Port Station is currently outsourced to Valient Shield – a subsidiary of Gorgan Defense Systems (GDS).

Finally, the Stewards are also present in the system. While not an officially part of the confederation, this independent peacekeeping organization, helps maintaining security across the system.

Power Groups/Factions in the system

Different power groups/factions are present in the Tae system, all with their own agenda and goals. The list below is far from including all factions, however, it presents the most “interesting”. Groups/factions are mentioned in alphabetical order.


This lashunta-based hypercorp specializes in the service and entertainment industry. It is known to cater to all your hearts desires – even illegal ones as long as you pay. Its main presence in the Tae system is its large space station – Moripir – in orbit around Tae IV, as well as its hotels, bars, nightclubs, brothels and casino on Kailor Port Station.

Black Sun Syndicate

It comes as no surprise that one of the biggest criminal organizations – The Black Sun Syndicate (or simply Black Sun) – is also present in the Tae system, as it is in all other significant systems. Black Sun holds a massive amount of reach and influence, extending its tendrils of corruption deep in the confederation’s and its member states’ governments (something which is of course denied by all the governments). It is infamous for its involvement in piracy and smuggling, but is also known to be involved in every type of illegal activity.


Living up to its name, Experia dominates the confederation’s news, media, and entertainment market segments, generating controversy by not only by proficient use of hyperviral marketing and sophisticated XP-programming (Experience Playback), but also – some claim – by manipulating events to create “good news”. Another core segment is the production of educational XP and AI tutors. The hypercorp is present in all significant systems throughout the confederation, and it contracts thousands of freelance lifeloggers as live, roving, citizen journalistas.


This earth-/human-based hypercorp specializes in delivery services, interstellar logistics, supply chains, and shipping. It maintains a presence on almost every system, often via local subcontractors, and therefore also in the Tae system.

Gatekeeper Corporation

This confederation-owned corporation controls all Therasian gates in confederation space. It handles logistics and security in regards to the gates. Additionally, it does scientific research in an effort to learn more about how the alien-crafted gates work.


This ysoki-based hypercorp is an industrial giant and a powerhouse in the mining and energy production markets while also boasting a remarkable presence in the fields of biotech and industrial equipment manufacturing. It is very dedicated to network building and sharing social and ecological responsibility. Besides mining its presence in the Tae system is also because they currently hold the contracts for providing energy on both Kailor and Tae V.

Axino Familae

While this syndicate holds legal offices and across the entire confederation, it is still a criminal beneath the surface; it is involved in a number of crime outlets: racketeering, extortion, kidnapping, slavery, prostitution, electronic stimulants, and drugs. A peculiar aspect of the syndicate is that all leading members are clones of its founding and matriarch Traudia Axino (lashunta).

Pirates (Free Captains)

Some might argue that this is not really one faction, others will say it is. Fact is that many of the freebooters who plague the space lanes are bound by something approaching a code of honor. While not every raider who attacks a civilian ship is one of them, the most successful and infamous pirates claim membership in the diverse organization called Free Captains. Additionally, quite a few pirates also make sideline profits as smugglers and/or free traders, often utilizing connections to one of the crime syndicates or political outcasts.

Prosperity Group

The Verces-based Prosperity Group ascended into the hypercorp ranks shortly after the forming of the confedration, meeting the high demand many stations had for microgravity agritech, aquaculture, hydroponics, and other sources of food. Expanding into pharmaceuticals as well, Prosperity is considered the lead supplier for the poor man’s food and drugs. Their cultured faux-meats and proteinenriched nutrition additives are in high demand. This hypercorp earned some sympathy when it lost an entire habitat to some sort of AI gone amok a few years ago, though some have suggested this was just a cover story to hide an unfortunate accident resulting from experimental drug testing on an unwitting populace. One of the major reasons for its presence in the Tae system, is agritech research an testing in the harsh environments on Kailor.


This hypercorp’s expertise is in establishing colonies, sustainable biospheres and eco-system – via terraforming if required. While it fulfilled its contract to spearhead the colonization of Kailor many years ago, the terraforming and establishing of biospheres on Tae V, which it oversees, has only just begun. Additionally, it has several scientific facilities scattered throughout the system – studying geology, climate etc.


This nongovernmental peacekeeping organization, which is privately funded, is dedicated to defend the confederation and its member states. The Stewards operate as elite warrior-diplomats tasked with maintaining the tenuous alliance binding the confederation together. While independent, the stewards defer to the confederation government in all but the rarest circumstances. The organizations presence in the Tae system is not very large, and numbers only 15 individuals, mainly found on Kailor or on Kailor Port Station.

Tslatysh Quetz (i.e. Tslatysh Consortium)

This vesk-based mining hypercorp has established mining fascilities on several planets and moons in the system. The corporation’s usual ruthless infringement of ecological and ecosystem preservation often brings it head to head with the Xenowarden Soceity, but so far there have been no major strife between the two factions in the Tae system. Meanwhile, its very manipulative and monopolistic business attitude has resulted in several conflicts and disputes with both the local government and other corps in the system – especially with Kriosox who also has a mining interest in the system.

Valiant Shield/Gorgan Defense Systems (GDS)

The ryphorian-based hypercorp Gorgan Defense Systems is a major name in the design and manufacture of weapons, vehicles, sensors, and other defense technologies. Their product range includes personal weapon systems, spacecraft armaments, and habitat defense systems. Their subsidiary Valiant Shield offers private security services in direct competition to Direct Action. Valiant Shield won the security contract for the Tae System 2 years ago – taking over from Direct Action.


Tae I

Geography and Climate

Tae I spins slowly and its thick atmosphere traps heat in a runaway greenhouse effect, making it the hottest planet in the system – with surface temperatures ranging up to 200°C. Its solid surface is covered with extensive plains spotted with volcanoes, deformed mountains and vast ridged plateaus. While the surface rotates slowly, the winds blow at hurricane force, sending clouds completely around the planet every five days. Tae I’s extreme temperatures and acidic clouds make it an unlikely candidate for colonization and even terraforming.


There are no real settlements on Tae I, however, there are quite a few mining facilities – primarily owned by the two hypercorps Tslatysh Quetz and Kriosox. These facilities are mostly established underground to protect them and their crew against the harsh environment on the surface. Both of these hypercorps also have a space station in orbit around the planet servicing the mining outposts and acting as hubs between the planet and space.

The total population is approximately 25,000 and consists of vesk (60%), ysoki (27%), human (7%), lashunta (3%) and a mix of other species (3%).

Tae II (Kailor)

Geography and Climate

Kailor is covered in deserts and rock formations, and the days are extremely arid and bright. The planet circles the sun far enough to have developed a stable, but hot, climate. Due to the extreme conditions, only a relatively mild region of its northern hemisphere is habitable (temperatures during the day range between 30 and 45°C here), and less than 1% of the planet is covered in surface water. The average humidity level is 5.4%.

One of the many extraordinary features unique to Kalor is the mysterious mists, which rise regularly from the ground where desert sands met cliffs and mesas. Various theories of this moisture’s origin are disputed by meteorologists and geologists, like water suspended in sandstone veins beneath the sand and complex chemical reactions which make it rise when the ground cools, then fall underground again with the sunrise.


Kailor has a population of approximately 1,500,000, scattered in large robotized moisture farms, mining compounds, research and scientific fascilities and several towns and cities. Several space stations orbits the planet, the largest one – Kailor Port Station – which is in geosynchronous orbit above the capitol, holds additional 10,000 souls. The two moons also has several habitats – mainly mining and research fascilities. Their population totals around 7,000 individuals.

The most numerous species are humans (33%), lashunta (22%), shirren (19%) and ysoki (14%). There are also quite a few vesk (4%) – mainly in conjunction with the vesk owned drilling and mining corporation Tslatysh Quetz. The remaining 8% are more or less an evenly mix of the rest of the species in the confederation.

The fairly harsh environment of the planet means that most people living here are tough, obstinate and frugal. Likewise, there is a tendency to always put yourself and your own needs before anything else. This means that the local populace can seem unwelcome and unfriendly.

In the larger communities there are some entertainment to be found, however, in the sparsely populated regions, people often find entertainment in drinking and gambling. Additionally – especially for individuals finding it hard to live in the isolated areas – recreational drugs (legal or illegal) is also available as “entertainment”.


Geography and Climate

Tae III is a dusty, cold, desert world with a very thin atmosphere that cannot store much solar heat so the average temperature on the planet is -71°C. Its volcanoes, impact craters, crustal movement, and atmospheric conditions such as dust storms have altered the landscape of Tae III creating a very rugged topographical surface. Occasionally, winds are strong enough to create dust storms that cover much of the planet. After such storms, it can be months before all of the dust settles.


There are some minor research and scientific settlements on Tae III – and also a few settlements holding people, who want to be left alone, need to escape the eye of law-enforcements or need some privacy to do some shady business. All of these settlements are isolated from the atmosphere and cold temperatures of the surface.

There is no official number of the population but an educated guess would set it at somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000. The species are a mix of all known intelligent races.

Tae IV

Geography and Climate

Tae IV is a rocky planet with a solid, cratered surface, much like the Earth’s moon. While there are large areas of smooth terrain, there are also cliffs, some hundreds of kilometers long and soaring up to a kilometer high. Instead of an atmosphere, Tae IV possesses a thin exosphere composed mostly of oxygen, sodium, hydrogen, helium and potassium.


The only settlements on Tae IV are mining facilities – primarily owned by Tslatysh Quetz. Meanwhile, a large space station is in orbit around the planet. This station – called Moripir – is owned and run by Arcadia, and its primary function is as a holiday facility for the Tae systems inhabitants and as a layover for travelers between the two Therasian Gates in the system.

The population and its composition on Tae IV and Moripir varies a lot depending on the number of current visitors. The crew of the station numbers around 650 individuals (60% lashunta), and it can cater up to 3,000 visitors. However, there is also a portion of the station that is let to businesses and individuals on a more permanent basis. Currently around 1,000 individuals live in this portion.

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