Races: Android

The following “overrules” the description given for androids in the core rules.


Whether or not an android has a soul is up for debate – especially since the whole concept and existence of souls are still something that has neither been proven or disproven. The fact is that androids act and behave like “normal” living beings, and they are recognized as independent citizens in the entire Confederation.


Android bodies are biomechanical – i.e. a combination of biological and mechanical components – and while the mechanical parts do not really age and can be easily repaired, the biological ones age and become less effective the older the android gets. At some point these biological parts starts to fail, and at some point, they fail so much, that the android effectively dies. In general androids live 40+1d20 years.


Androids are constructed in technological nurseries called foundries (watch this youtube video to get a feel of the creation process, but imagine more mechanical/digital elements). By confederation law all of these are now owned and operated by the Android Rights Organization (ARO) – except for illegal ones of course. Androids are – under ARO’s control – constructed with the same speed as old androids die, so that the total android population in the confederation is more or less stable.

Although partly biological, and sometimes even “equipped” with gender specific organs, androids are not able to biological reproduce. However, the first steps have been taken towards artificially splicing the biological aspects of two androids and creating a third as an amalgamation – an offspring so to speak.


If one world should be classified as the homeworld of Androids it would probably be Alpha Centauri IV – also called Velestus – in the Alpha Centauri system. Here the Tyrellion hypercorp developed the first Androids and to this day the planet still holds the largest concentration of foundries.


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