Magic knowledge: Mana storm

Mana storms are violent and unpredictable disturbances of magical energy. They move through the  physical and astral plane in seemly random patterns, leaving magical destruction and chaos in their wake.

They originate in places with higher-than-normal mana levels (meaning background counts of 4 or higher, or –4 or lower). They are triggered when mana surges from places of higher mana levels. Astrally, the storm appears as a shimmering swirling cloud, while physically the storm takes on the characteristics of the domain it grew from, meaning it can appear as storm clouds, sand storms, or tornadoes. The area covered by a mana storm varies from a kilometer to several kilometers wide. The most common characteristic of mana storms is the spontaneous manifestation of elemental energies. The storms
surrounding mana storms can be ferocious and quite dangerous. The next, slightly less common trait, is illusory effects. The most famous of mana storms are the Maya Cloud, the frequent mana storms around Sydney, Australia, and Daoineann Draoidheil. Mana storms are normally quick and violent, lasting a
few hours before they dissipate.

Mana storms appear both on the astral and physical plane. They can generate spell-like phenomenon in the form of spontaneous elemental and illusory effects. A mana storm’s characteristics are based on the domain it was birthed from in both force and aspect. That means a domain aspected to anger from a riot could generate a mana storm that creates anger in anyone caught in it, while also generating the effect of phantom rioters within the storm.

There’s very little you can do to make a mana storm work for you. You cannot be acclimated or aligned to the background count of a mana storm, as they are too unpredictable in nature. Mana storms can have a positive influence on the availability of reagents, making them easier to find. Word of a mana storm travels fast through the magic community, and a decent supply of enchanters tends to descend on an area once a storm passes. The competition between them can get intense, so if you travel to such an area, be careful about getting caught in the middle of one of their spats.

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