Letter from Tosh: End you vacation NOW!


Something big is brewing and wont go away. 3 weeks ago the body of FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer  Kowalski was located, at a facility in Renton. Agent Kowalski’s body was found hung from a flagpole on Renraku Corporation property near Downtown Seattle. For the Seattle Bureau of the Federal Police, finding the location on Renraku Group property was a real problem, as it required the approval of the mega-corporation to cut the body off and investigate the circumstances of her death. A real shit situation. An official investigation was launched by Knight Errant, but nothing turned up.

Apparently another FBI detective was also on the case: a Seth Dietrich. He might have found evidence about a man named “Bill”. We don’t know exactly who Bill is, but we suspect who he works for (hold your fucking breath): Governor Kenneth Brackhaven of Seattle and Brackhaven Investments. The rumor has it that Governor Brackhaven is linked through Bill (his main covert or shadow operative) to various crimes such as conspiracy and murder. We might also want to look into evidence that specifically links Bill to the murder of FBI Agent Jennifer Kowalski, as I think the two cases are linked.

Now FBI agent Seth Dietrich went missing as of this morning.

Nothing tangible yet, but we need someone outside to dig a little into this. Mostly because our own people gets killed or disappear, but also because you know the setup, people and our situation better than no one.

Reach out to Chip, the owner of Cuppa Joe’s when you return. We need to keep some distance so he will be your Mr. Johnson.

Cory says you are abroad, so when you hear this message – get your asses back to Seattle within a week!. End your vacation, fuck a stripper one last time, finish the bottle of devil vodka, accept your current level of tanning, stop hammering your dicks, get sober and fucking return.



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