Contact: Rhodry “Rook” Parris

Rhodry “Rook” Parris
Ancients Combat Mage
Male Elf
Connection Rating: 4
Specialities: Ancients, Organized crime, smuggling, Tir, Underworld

Rook was Tír-born and Tír-bred, the son of wealth and prestige for his entire life. Brought up under the less-than-gentle paternal instincts of a ruthless killer and his combat mage wife, the young elf was not raised so much as molded. He is a shaped charge, a weapon of elven supremacy, an extension of his noble father’s will. Rook is currently working to maintain his father’s underworld ties outside of the Tír—Blackwing himself is certainly able to influence the Portland underworld, but he partially relies on his son to keep him informed of the goings-on in Seattle. To do so, Rook has joined the Ancients go-gang, and risen to a position of prominence within it. He is a powerful combat mage, but is also quite capable of holding his own in mundane combat…his father expected no less.

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