Letter to group from Karagain

Hi all,

I have talked and tried to persuade both Zero1 and Inferno to help me with some urgent matters – they have not responded. I have also put to their attention, that there is a traitor among you, and I had information you would need. Both of them have turned me down. So much for group loyalty..

The Elf in your group is weak, angry and dysfunctional – look how the little Deck-Head is taking over the show!

Urgent matters ahead and who can you trust.? Never trust a dragon!

Look here for proof:

L 3.4v# mission request dark

You want more? The first to kill Dunbrack will get 30k and info on the traitor.

2 thoughts on “Letter to group from Karagain

  1. Kaylees brev til Kargain forud for ovennævnte brev:

    Dear Ms. Kargain,

    Your recent behavior and message that told us to “do our fucking job” were very unexpected. In my perspective that we are doing exactly what we were hired to do. I am writing you this letter in hope of clearing up any misunderstandings.

    As a representative of Prince Parris it is my expectation that you in every possible way will do what Prince Parris himself would have done. I also expect that Prince Parris has full confidence in you acting as his representative.

    Regarding your suggestion to meet in the hotel lobby I must inform you that a hotel lobby is per definition not safe. It must be expected to be rigged with hostile surveillance and maybe even actual hostiles. Therefore, it is never a place to discuss sensitive information regarding a mission.

    Regarding your suggestion to kill Lisa Dunbrack I must inform you that at the moment she is our best and only source of information. While she appears to have been helpful until now we have no idea if the information is actually valid or if she at a later stage can provide even more information. We have no way of knowing this. With your suggestion of killing her immediately even before the information is verified I must conclude that you have information that you are not sharing with us.

    If Lisa Dunbrack was to be killed “to send a message to the enemy” as you phrased it this would be unfortunate indeed. We are about to convey on a very covert operation. The last thing we want is to send any message of any kind to the enemy. Unless of course again you have relevant information about this mission that you are withholding.

    If this is not the case I must simply disregard your request to have her killed as a part of your savage nature. However I highly doubt that Prince Parris would be interested in killing a key source of information let alone giving that order himself.

    I hope that moving forward we can set aside any personal agendas and motivations and focus on the mission.

    Yours truly,


  2. Friend, Ally

    Why is Seader-Krupp engaged in Seattle? What do they want? Why are they looking towards you? For a long time. Monitoring your every move. What is Janus Industries? Have you been to Chicago?

    If you don’t believe me look into the whereabouts of Simon Adrews… I think you know him. Why is he talking to the group? I have his movements tracked, cross reference it with yours and you will see.

    What will you pay for information, security and certainty? Let me know.


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