Letter from Moreau


It is time to step up and engage yourself in the first Draco Foundation mission. I might as well remind you of your Draco foundation contract!, which are non negotiable..

My intel lately on a border dispute between Salish-Shidhe, Tir and Terra First places you on the scene. That is great news. You will probably be invited to engage on a mission, to go undercover into Tir, to hunt down the terrorist cell of Terra First and eliminate it. Prince Parris is probably going to support you in this, but if he is not you should make sure he is.

You mission for Draco is:

  1. Engage as KE operatives (double agents as you are clearly working for Draco), and travel to Tir to unravel the terrorist cell
  2. Relay all relevant information back to your case officer from Draco – which will be Professor Lydell Washington.
  3. Relevant information is for example: Contacts, locations, leads, plans etc.
  4. Uncover how Prince Parris is related to Terra First
  5. Once identified the HQ of Terra First, wait for further instructions from Draco Foundation
  6. Never conduct any hits, kills or other major initiatives within Tir in relations to the KE mission and Terra First, without getting the go from your Draco Case officer.
  7. Always respect the Draco Foundations values and goals when you conduct your mission
  8. Keep your relationship with Draco Foundation a secret throughout the mission.

That will be all. Make contact to your case officer for further details.


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