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Diego “Sambo” Garzon

Case Officer UCAS Knight Errant: Cory Monroosen

Member/leader of the TerraFirst terrorist organization, former Aztlaner military
National SIN: Aztlan 156-4623-623
Criminal SIN: Aztlan 4512-4945, CAS 968-53567
Corporate SIN: Aztechnology 72-48-16-240
False SINs: Gabriel Espinoza; Martin Rockwell

Age 38
6’1 ft, 195 lbs
Latino, long black hair, visible scarring on head
Unregistered Mage: Shamanic Tradition

Wanted in the Confederation of American States, Pueblo Corporate Council, Aztlan, & the Caribbean League, UCAS, Tir Tairngire as well as Draco Foundation. Considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Crimes linked or considered likely to be linked

Arson[3]; 1st degree murder[8]; 2nd degree murder[27]; corporate trespassing[11]; breaking and entering[8]; assault with a deadly weapon[23]; possession of illegal firearms[14]; acts of domestic terrorism[6]; acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries[4]; racketeering[2]; illegal possession of endangered species[1]; illegal transportation of endangered species[1]; use of biological weapons[1]; assassination of a member of the Senate[1]; destruction of property[26]; destruction of medical facility[7]; theft of livestock[3]; espionage[2]; use of explosives in public areas[2]; false personation[8]; killing persons aiding in federal investigations[3]; murder or manslaughter of foreign officials[2]; kidnapping[3]; piracy[4]; destruction of vessels or maritime facilities[1]; torture[4]; treason[2]; operating with known terror organization[36]; destruction of federal or corporate records[12]; illegal summoning with intent of violence[11]; unlawful use of spirits[7]; illegal use of magical spells or rituals[17]

Last registered to be in confinement at CASBA Outpost 14 along the CAS/FTA border.

See page 3-4 for second attachment:  TerraFirst Overview

Subject’s History

  • Grew up in Veracruz, Aztlan, with mother (Sofia Garzon, deceased) and father (Leon Garzon, deceased).
  • Attended Aztechnology sponsored educational institute K-12
  • Awakened at age 17, above average awakening power levels
  • Selected for enlistment into Aztlan arcane armed forces
  • Completed boot camp and preliminary placements
  • Placed in 3rd Aztlan Mobile Awakened Auxiliary Division (AMAAD)
  • Displayed exemplary leadership skills in Venezuelan ground operations
  • Relieved from duty to attend officer academy, graduated
  • Given tactical authority as attachment to 7th Cuacuahtin Guerreros
  • Deserted his post in Venezuela, went into hiding
  • Resurfaced in Aztlan, took part in TerraFirst terrorist activity resulting in the destruction of an Aztechnology cyberware manufacturing plant and the assassination of an Aztechnology executive.
  • Arrested in New Orleans after fleeing the country, escaped from custody during transport by TerraFirst operatives.
  • Spotted in terrorist operations in Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, Havana, Dallas, Tenochtitlan, and Veracruz.
  • Arrested again in Tenochtitlan. Imprisoned for 3 years. Escaped during riot.
  • Believed to be in North America leading Terrafirst actions against corps and magical beings.

Known affiliates – might be outdated:

  • Anarchy (Terrorist, Spotted in Seattle 2074)
  • Mr. Bones (unknown origin, Awakened)
  • Alamos 20k – Tia Viamonte?
  • Jimmy “the Saint” – High-end smuggler, womanizer,  Spy and maybe former business partner (Last location Tir Tairngire)
  • The Duke – Spans thrill gang leader

Bio Summary and MO
Diego exhibits above average magical, tactical and athletic capabilities, along with exceptional leadership skills and contacts in several North American nations. He keeps out of the public eye and has not been known to make announcements to the public or claim responsibility for acts of terror. When interrogated he converses casually with his captors, attempting to steer conversations away from his connections and beliefs.

In combat Diego leads his comrades using a black market TACNET, often placing himself in a central but well defended location. From there he issues orders and casts spells to improve his men’s capabilities. He has been known to utilize combat stimulants. When pressed to fight he relies on fire based spells and fire spirits.

His only known contact is a former dancer and now co-owner of Maiden Looks – a beauty chain in Tir Tairngire. She is known as Thris MacDermont but probably goes by another name.

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