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The TerraFirst

Operational team size: Groups of 6 to 15
Magical assets: High
Matrix assets: Low
Firepower and gear: High
Operational discipline: Medium
Fanaticism: High

The TerraFirst terrorist organization is a splinter group of the normally peaceful Earth First. The EF is an international political organization directed towards the safety and regulation of the environment. They engage in peaceful protests, push for legislation and provide aid for those who have suffered the lack of a sustainable ecosystem.

Several players claiming to be part of TerraFirst! were arrested by the US govt. following the attack on the Shiawase Nuclear facility, however it was discovered from them that they had no association with TerraFirst! other than co-oping the name and being paid large sums of money by anonymous donors. US Govt. officials released statements claiming TerraFirst! to be a hoax and the organization didn’t actually exist, but rather, multiple copycats were spawned from the concept of TerraFirst! using the name to curry favor with the public, which still viewed them positively as there were many opponents to the starting of the Shiawase Nuclear Generator.

Recently, however, a terrible development occurred. Winternight, perhaps the most infamous terrorist organization known to the modern world, was destroyed during the fateful events of Crash 2.0. The organization’s leadership and operational capabilities were annihilated with extreme prejudice by direct Corporate Court mandate. But Winternight had many members and cells throughout the world that remained at large after the initial crackdown. Corporate Court hunter-killer squads eradicated as many as possible, but they were never going to get everyone. The few surviving members of Winternight sought shelter wherever they could, and this often meant within allied groups. Winternight, prior to its sinister crowning achievement, supported many other terrorist networks around the world. One such close alliance was with The TerraFirst.

Authorities believe the group, who seeks no recognition or publicity for its acts, is moving quickly and singularly towards a certain, as-of-yet undetermined goal. The group has staged brutally efficient black-ops style raids on pinpoint corporate facilities, raiding Matrix servers (with the help of their affiliate, a decker called Anarchy) or kidnapping R&D personnel. Targets have been hit all over the world, but with an obvious focus on North America. The common link between all the targets is frightening—all corporations hit, notably Aztechnology and Shiawase subsidiaries — are agri-corps responsible for the production of the bulk of the food feeding the world. In 2073 their proclaimed leader: Diego “Sambo” Garzon issued an overall agenda of attacks towards magical beings and artifacts, arguing they where polluting the “real” world. Magical societies, beings, artifacts and sites have being the point of attack since. “Sambo” later revealed the new agenda was addressed to him in a dream by a holy spirit called Mr Bones.

Within the last month several terrorist affiliates have been arrested bringing lots of explosives into UCAS and the Seattle area both form the sea but also through Tir Tairngire – a lot of those smuggling operations also consisted of huge amounts of the forbidden substance FABIII, who was used to win the war on bugs in Chicago. An overall spread of the FABIII substance in a major city will be devastating and can cripple an economy and set the city into civil disorder. The organization is also known to use nerve agent and explosives to scale their area of devastating destruction.

Knight Errant believes that the current center of operations into Seattle is headquartered from within Tir.


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