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Predominant Race: Ork
Land: Small holding in the Cascades just north of the eastern route out of Seattle
Chief: Pawl Shaggy Mountain (Troll)
Chief Shaman: Skink (ork)
Principal Commercial Activities: Raising sheep, mining, and occasional raiding of traffic using the East road
Philosophy: The Cascade Orks are a reluctant and troublesome member of the S-S Council (holds 11 pct.) who dismiss any illegal activities as the actions of renegades and others not associated with the tribe. The tribe is involved in smuggling contraband, and has been repeatedly identified as an accomplice in offering rest and refitting for illegal panzer runs through the Cascades.

Although one of the main tribes of the Salish-Sidhe Council, the Cascade Orks don’t claim a strong ethnic or cultural Native American heritage. Instead, they trace their origins to the aftermath of the Night of Rage, when Ork and Troll survivors left the Seattle metroplex to escape persecution. They joined with Native American Orks to form the new tribe, and sought refuge deep inside the Cascade Mountain Range.

Since then the tribe has grown larger and adopted anarchist tenets. As with other tribes, the Salish-Sidhe Council gave them great leeway in setting their own laws, which mostly they haven’t. Although they have set up mining operations as well as several other legitimate businesses, it’s an open secret that their main source of revenue lies in smuggling goods and people across North America, and they have proven extremely resourceful at this job.

This has sometimes caused friction with other tribes, notably the xenophobig Cascade Crow, who think the Orks are contaminating other tribes with their Anglo life style, and of course with Seattle Governor Kenneth Brackhaven.

Notable Members

Tiffany Brackhaven
Political heiress and drug artist, Tiffany Brackhaven, has turned the small Cascade Ork town of Cartwright into an artists’ mecca. Since moving to the hamlet two years ago, Brackhaven has stepped away from her life as the sole heiress to the Brackhaven empire and focused her attention on her controversial drug art. In that time, Cartwright has blossomed into a thriving community attracting thousands of visitors each year. Not one to seek the spotlight, Brackhaven attributes the town’s success to local businesses and the willingness of the people to accept her and those like her. Most recently Brackhaven herself has accepted something new into her life and admitted to using the drug tempo as a way to help her maintain focus and complete her work.

Governor Kenneth Brackhaven has steadfastly declined to comment on his daughter’s artistic endeavors and recent public admission of tempo use.

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