The elven tongue

Here’s a handy translation guide for the Sperethiel being spoken by Sting and Belial.

Li-goro? “They are outsiders, yes?” A more literal translation would be “Is it not so, that they are outsiders?”

Llayah Yeah, you’re right. Okay. Literally, “I agree with you.”

Chal’han A challenge ritual used for retribution, establishing dominance, or enacting revenge. There are a host of subtleties to the rite based upon pronunciation and the social standing of the elves involved in such a challenge normally. In the Ancients’ case, while it’s serious enough to be binding, it’s a fairly casual affair.

Goronagee Outsiders, particularly elves who aren’t in an elven group. In this instance, it’s something of a compliment, raising any nonelf player characters up to the status of almostbutnotquiteAncients.

Milessaratish In modern Tír usage to refer to covert operatives, technically it’s a warriorbondsman.
To be declared one means that your patron takes responsibility, for good or ill, over what you accomplish in his name.

Laesa “The Forgotten,” the name taken by a new all-elf syndicate born from the remnants of the Rinelle ke’Tesrae, the terrorist organization that called for
national reform in Tír Tairngire several years ago. The Laesa and Ancients don’t get along but still share territory with both of them eagerly recruiting from the Tír refugees
that populate Tarislar and the rest of Puyallup.

Ranelles The group, or the Ancients. Literally, “family”or “coworkers

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