Letter: Inferno

My old friend,

Imagine my surprise, when one of our business units where hit last week, and the owner said the attackers saved his life. I was looking through some security video and there – fucking there smoking a cigarette and enforcing his magic upon his prey – my old friend Inferno. Shiit you even healed Bugs.. He is a count, but he is our count, so much appreciated.

Do not know excactly what this was about, but Inferno, you should know better than to start a war in Ancients territory. Anyway, great to see you, no regrets and it is ok with the No Tell.

Lets meet and include your crew, Saturday 3 weeks and we can drink a beer. It is not The Poisonous Hornet, but I guess we can manage. You decide our meeting place, but choose wisely. Ancients are not friends with everybody – can you imagine? given our elvish charm and demeanor.


One thought on “Letter: Inferno

  1. Dear Jazzy,

    I am equally surprised to see you back in Seattle! But perhaps the circumstances concerning your forced exile in New York have changed?

    If I had known you were back in Seattle I would have given you a heads up, regarding my team’s recent exploits at the No-Tell Motel. I was very much aware of us being the Ancient’s territory, and let me make it absolutely clear, that our mission was not in any way targeted against the Ancients.

    Anyway, lets definitely meet up. Let’s meet at “The Fence”-bar by “The Crime Mall” in Puyallup (you probably know it ;))?


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