Shadowland: Message

Hi Zero1- Zero-No_one

I am still alive and ready for a new world order – are you ready for me? For change? for death? are your friends?

I have been following you my little hooker girl. You are everywhere with your piss ant friends; the ugly Elf and stupid Orc and Troll – does that Red thing still stand out as the most ugly dressed char in the Sprawl?.

I have new friends now – Alamos20k. We need you, your blood and soul. I will be waiting for you in the code, when you make your move. Do not worry – it will be quick and well painful. I know you are looking for a friend of mine. A scarred girl with friends in the KE, living in the shadows of deception. Do not touch her, I will protect her.

Lets dance girl – lets meet and fuck. I will even let you be on top. See you digital!!

Love always ;) Anarchy

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