Contact: Sheila Blatavska/Elisabeth Gregor

Real Name:     Sheila Blatavska/Elisabeth Gregor
Gender:     Female dragon
Metatype: (Immortal) Elf
Nationality:     Atlanta
Hair:     Black
Eyes:     Yellow
Awakened:     Yes, she is a fucking dragon
Affiliations:     CEO of Atlantean Foundation
Meeting Place(s): She summons you
Traits:     Calculating, Intelligent, wise, ruthless, dominant
Loyalty: ? (never deal with a dragon)
Connection: 11

Sheila Blatavska is the founder of the Atlantean Foundation. A mysterious elf, she is a magician of some considerable power and influence. Through her organization and personal researches, she has uncovered ancient, forgotten magical knowledge, layering techniques and disciplines from dozens of pre-Awakening magical cultures into her own unique tradition. While she doesn’t appear to be quite on the same level of Harlequin and Ehran the Scribe, she is powerful enough to command a modicum of civil treatment from them.

She is rumoured to be an immortal elf, and she might be a medium dragon (feathered serpent).

The group knows her as Elisabeth Gregor

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