Contact: Floris Minke, Burlesque dancer

Floris Minke
Type: Dancer
Use: Cultural, theater, stripper, shadowwork
Connection:4, Cultural (6)
Loyalty: 3 towards Luke (Honey)

Specialties: Guns, dancing, social, theater, high lifestyle, stripping, cyber

Location: Downtown, Seattle

Floris Minke used to run under the runner handle “Dutchman.” Floris has since given up shadowrunning and now works as a fashion nude model and dancer for Mourittzz at the Burlesque theater Butterfly. Floris is a middle height dwarf, with an exclusive and probably cyber modeled body. The cyber-ware is hidden from view, so he looks very handsome. He often flirts with people and try to make them uncomfortable to gain an edge in the conversation. Floris has left the Shadowrun business, but tries his luck as a Fixer.

Floris Minke is middle aged and lives in hiding. He is often seen attending high end events and receptions and sometimes even performs as a Sing a song writer with his guitar.

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