Announcement: Head of the Seattle Board of Elections, Michael Greensprings.

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ANOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen, the head of the Seattle Board of Elections, Michael Greensprings.
GREENSPRINGS: Thank you and good evening. I would remind the press that I am not here to answer
any questions, so please act accordingly. Any questions after the announcement will be directed to the Board of Elections Press representative. Tonight, on behalf of the Seattle Board of Elections, I am here with the results for the special election on Seattle House Proposition 23, the so-called “Project Freedom” resolution. This resolution, as it was proposed, ratified for vote by the city-state of Seattle, and as written if passed will grant the Ork Underground status as a legally recognized district of the city-state of Seattle with all the rights and responsibilities such a designation grants and requires under current law.

We have confirmed the results of each individual authorized voting station, tabulated the total votes, and then re-tabulated to confirm the results because of the extreme narrow margin between said results.

As of November 4, 2074, the final results on the vote for Proposition Twenty Three is: 6.5 percent of
the total vote was deemed invalid because they did not meet legal ballot standards, 47.5 percent for … and 46.5 percent against.

Proposition Twenty-Three has passed.

*microphone cuts out, excessive noise from audience*
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