Matrix search: Sons of Sauron

The Sons of Sauron were one of may many groups the formed to try and help protect orks and trolls from persecution during goblinization. This was a time of lynch mobs, bad science, and racial prejudice that hadn’t been seen in 2 centuries. The Sons of Sauron were simply one of th organizations to survive until the world in general accepted that trolls and orks were simply another meta-human type and granted full citizenship. The Sons of Sauron though have never forgotten that period, they remember. As a result, however righteous they feel their cause is, sticking up for a minority, action against oppressors, fighting literally to be seen as equals, at their core they are no better than the iron cross. They hate humans and are suspicious of all other meta-types. They are just as racist as those they claim to be acting out against, as a result they are marginalized, even by groups like MoM. So be careful when you deal with them and who in your group deals with them. Primarily the Son’s of Sauron are arms dealers as they need them more than most gangs.

Organized into small cellular groups, the Sons of Sauron have been responsible for a great number of terrorist acts over the last twenty years and look to show no signs of slowing down. They are smart enough to organize themselves in cells, and thus it’s been very difficult for law enforcement or their many enemies to track down exactly who is at the top of this labyrinthine organization’s structure. While they haven’t gone for large-scale targets like New Visions, and they tend to try to avoid ‘collateral’ damage, there’s no doubt that these folks are virulently racist and that they don’t like humans very much at all.

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