Letter from Simon Tubs

Hi Inferno (AKA mr. fucking awesome, fire breathing monster and best friend),

Just heads up from me (Simon Tubs) on a strange thing. I got a bartender job at Ticklers, and I am just loving it. But yesterday, that really hot babe Scarlet Pleasure came in talking to some of the girls. She does that once in a while. Hey man, she is pregnant I think. Anyway, I seem to remember her going out with a friend of yours – that strange dude called Red (please get him to change his style man! – that cloth is just so last freaking century). OK, so these two chinese looking goons, with expensive suits and most definitely guns. They smelled of Yakuza or Triads to me Chummer! – well they got hold of her and asked her some questions in the corner of the bar – think they slapped her a little as well.

She was kind of chocked afterwards, but asked me not to say anything to anyone. She left right afterwards.

So I was thinking, Frag that man!!, I am calling my best friend Inferno and I guess that is worth at least 500 ¥?


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