Last woman standing – News net exclusive

Good morning citizens of Seattle.

This is your favorite news man Joe Martin reporting from a cold and rainy day in Seattle.

This morning the DAs office announced that ADA Dana Oaks had survived the assassination attempt on her life and is now instated as interim DA. We will have an exclusive interview later today.

Newly promoted interim District Attorney Dana Oaks has also announced in a press release, that Mark Blackfern has been taken into custody on multiple charges of conspiracy to commit murder. It seems Blackfern is the person behind the recent violence against OU and the DAs office – but no proff has been released yet from KE or the city.

Blackfern worked closely together with a known terrorist Anarchy, who also got arrested yesterday during a gunfight in the industry harbor. Unfortunately he was freed on his way to custody, where a group of six Shadowrunners it seems, busted him out of the van he was transported in. The whereabouts of Anarchy is unknown at present time, but the DA informs the Seattle population, that he is a priority to catch.

Meanwhile the DAs office has started to promote junior officials into new positions as well as reaching out to DeeCee and Chicago for help on the more senior positions as lead prosecutors. It has not been able to get a statement from Governor Brackhaven or his office, which is strange given the circumstances.

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