Knight Errant Loses Evidence in Crucial Counterfeiting Case

The breakup of the Seattle Mafia’s counterfeiting ring was slated to be the biggest coup in local law  enforcement history until Knight Errant bungled the case by losing the evidence. In an embarrassing turn of events, the nearly one thousand counterfeit commlinks seized in the Bellevue raid disappeared from the 14th Precinct’s evidence locker without a trace. According to a confidential source within the precinct, a string of power outages left the security node offline at a crucial time. But how the commlinks were carried out of the precinct without any of the officers noticing remains a mystery even today.

Knight Errant public relations officer Catanya Kent commented, “Knight Errant remains committed to investigating the counterfeiting ring and collaborating with the District Attorney’s office in all matters on this issue.” No word yet if the evidence theft is actively being investigated,

[updated] It seems one of the stolen commlinks was found at the scene of the recent bridge fire, where a biker gang of Women apparently was carrying the commlinks for communications. All were found dead in a huge explosion.

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