Live from Election day

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ANNOUNCER: This is a NewsNET special report! At the election coverage control center in the heart of Seattle, here is anchor Shelby Sweet!

SWEET: Good morning and thank you for tuning in for our Proposition 23 vote coverage! The polls have been open for almost two hours now and we’ve started to receive results from the various districts. Now bear in mind that the polls are still scheduled to be open until 1900 PST tonight which leaves several hours left to get your votes in! Now, let’s look at our NewsNET Vote-Tracker 3000 system to get a update on the current exit poll results. *pause*

Based on early estimates, it seems the numbers are not favoring Proposition 23, but only by a slim margin of two percent. To give us some perspective on this vote, we now go live to reporter Joe Martin at one of the voting centers in Downtown. Joe?

MARTIN: Thank you, Shelby! As you can see behind me that the lines to get into the voting center are extremely long. Most of the people you see here have already been waiting at least two hours, and many arrived at least three hours before the opening of the polls. Thankfully, the polls have been quiet so far with no real indications of violence reported in the city, no doubt thanks to the vigilance of Knight Errant Security forces. But with the events of the past few months, the government is taking no chances.
Still, there is a kind of tension in the air, likely from the fear of the past few month’s events. But this has not stopped several from coming out and doing their civic duty, like this gentleman here.

Excuse me, sir, Joe Martin, NewsNET. May I ask you about …
CITIZEN (male ork): *CENSORED* off.
MARTIN: Fair enough. How about you ma’am?
CITIZEN (female dwarf): What he said.
MARTIN: Are you sure you don’t want to say anything about not only the historical importance but the relevance this vote will have on Seattle? Not to mention how Proposition 23 has become a symbolic proxy vote on metahuman rights? Or how it will affect the financial situation of …
CITIZEN (female dwarf): No, now get out of my face before I tas …
MARTIN: Surely you must have some comment?
*Sound of electrical discharge*
*microphone disengages due to high volume*
SWEET: We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. We’ll try to get back to Joe Martin late today. With the polls now open, citizens are reminded to take extra care on their way to vote today.
This includes having your PAN active at all times and staying out of the designated “no entry” zones. Citizens are also encouraged to use public transportation today and stay off the roads as much as
possible. For more information on how to get to the nearest polling centers and to review the special rules for today’s voting visit the NewsNET matrix homepage for all your news, and information
needs. From the election coverage control center, I’m Shelby Sweet!
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