KSAF Media report: Possible scandal tied to Brackhavens office

Hello, Seattle! Athena Tatopoulos, your KSAF reporter on the beat here with the latest in the disappearance of Knight Errant executive George Mathers.

Mathers disappeared a few weeks back – presumed dead.

I have received an anonymous tip with a recorded meeting with a blond-haired, blue-eyed male in a crewcut named Shawn Walker. Mathers pays Walker a large sum of money to start killing metahumans, with orders to specifically target the leadership of the Orc Rights Committee and the Mothers of Metahumans, but he is also ordered to add random targets into the mix to make it harder to spot the pattern. So it seems that one of Brackhavens strongest supporters is the man behind the Copycat killer after all.

There is also a recording of a meeting with Edmund Jeffries (Brackhavens Press secretary) date-stamped over a year ago, shortly before the copycat Mayan Killer showed up. Jeffries is Governor Brackhaven’s press secretary and, according to comments made on the video, an old college friend of Mathers. Jeffries is complaining about the political pressure that metahuman rights groups like the ORC are putting on the government, and he jokes that it’s a shame the Mayan Cutter was killed by Knight Errant before he was able to really put a dent in the metahuman population. He adds that if they had their own Mayan Cutter, they could point him at high-ranking members of the ORC.

So does this really connect the Governors office to metahuman attacks? Brackhaven has only released a short statement saying: that Jeffries has nothing to do with Mathers, and the whole matter is fake news constructed by his political enemies. Jeffries has gone into public hiding and has not been seen since George Mathers disappearance. He continuous to work for Brackhaven it seems.

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