KSAF Media report – Maria Mercurial is back

Maria Mercurial is making news with the unexpectedly political bent of her latest tour. The novahot star has been speaking out in favor of Seattle’s Prop 23 during her return tour, and the polls are already rising in response. Maria’s notoriously flighty, but with the election only a few weeks away, she can probably still stick with this one.

She whent into hiding a some weeks ago after a failed attempt to her life in Chicago. She only survived because of her bodyguards, and has been on “vacation” ever since. Mercurials PA Elisabeth Gregor informs the press that: “Mercurial is back on the Star Helix tour, and has taken a political stand against hate and segregation. Mercurial will be performing live in Seattle soon, and the money earned will go to The Orcs rights committee and chairman Kathleen Shard. A lot of people needs Mercurials magic, and maybe friends has felt they have been forgotten. I have not forgotten you! and I will announce myself in due time” she closes by looking directly into the camera with a hint of a smile.


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