Governor Brackhaven appoints new Chief of Staff after financial scandal.


SEATTLE — Four days after firing former chief of staff Marin Parker amid a massive embezzlement scandal that cost the Metroplex more than sixty million nuyen, Governor Kenneth Brackhaven announced that long time business associate and close friend Emile Corrigan will replace Mr. Parker as his new Chief of Staff starting immediately. While new to the Seattle political scene, Mr. Corrigan is not new to the politics in general. Before accepting a position with Brackhaven Investments ten years ago, Mr. Corrigan worked as a political consultant and corporate liaison in the Federal District of Columbia for several known congressmen and senators.

When asked how he felt about taking over such a demanding position amid a highly charged political campaign, he replied “I have no illusions about the challenges facing the governor’s office and the citystate of Seattle, and all I can do is promise to do my best to serve the governor and through him the citizenry to the best of my abilities.”

In a related story, formal charges for Marin Parker and his accomplice in the alleged embezzlement case
former Seattle Assistant Clerk Joshua Quinn, have been filed, and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for next week

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