Press release – 11.Sep.2075 – Orc Underground slaughter

Today a mighty blow to the people of Orc Underground and a mighty blow to humanity and dignity in us all. Approximately 17.00 local Seattle time, a bunch of thugs broke into the campaign office of Orc Underground and delivered death and destruction. My mother, Orc Undergrounds new spokesperson and a monolith of peace and dialogue Helen Shaard, was killed instantly, when she tried to save me from certain death. 12 Orcs was killed beside her, gunned down like animals in a long forgotten dark age of human kind.

Project Freedom is aware of the identities of the attackers, and will act swift and according to the law that is in effect down here.

I can only speculate in the lack of humanity and values of the perpetrators, and it is with great reluctance that I take over the job from my mother as Orc Underground spokesperson and Chairman of the Freedom Foundation.

William “Bull” MacAllister is gone missing presumed dead, and until he is located, we will enforce interim leadership.

Kathleen Shaard.

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