Letter to Brick & Beast

Hi Brick and Beast,

Just wondering if we should release your intell on George Mathers to the press?

I understand your decker bird got some extensive data on the prick from a private node, before your frontal assault on the Humanis compound. Could help.. The freedom cause.. for OU. I am writing you two because I know you understand the importance of our cause and I know you both can see the bigger picture here.

Please keep it secret and don’t involve Tosh or that strange Mage of yours. The word on the street is that the mage (Burn is it?) hates Orcs, is extremely dangerous and is kind of.. you know – unreliable at best.

Get back to me ASAP. I can do the actual release.

Richard “Ironheart ” Garfield

(Meta: he is second in command of Tosh Black Knights)



3 thoughts on “Letter to Brick & Beast

  1. Hi Beast and Brick

    I suggest we release the data to Athena Tatopoulos of KSAF. She is a reporter and quite a computer wizard. I think she can put a great angle on the content.


    – Garfield

  2. Hi Garfield

    Perfekt ide. Lad det endelig slippe ud. Og lad os holde afsenderen under radaren. Vi satser på det kommer til at skabe lidt ballade for Brackhaven, den skumbag.


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