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Hello, Seattle! Athena Tatopoulos, your KSAF reporter on the beat here with the latest in the disappearance of Knight Errant executive George Mathers. Mathers, known for his silver tongue and diplomatic skill, was last seen one week ago when he left his home. Knight Errant has remained tight-lipped during the  this investigation, but an anonymous tip has brought to light new information that will rock your world!

We at KSAF have exclusive access to a personal appointment planner that was discovered at Mathers’ vacation home in the Carib League. The encrypted planner contained a coded list of names, bank account  numbers, and a detailed transaction record of what appears to be bribes or kickbacks on a scale that puts the Parker-Quinn scandal to shame. Our tech-support crew continues to decode the planner to reveal what this reporter believes to be the names of corporate representatives, politicians, government officials, and influential members of the community.

In addition to this information, this reporter has uncovered financial ties between Mathers and Governor Brackhaven. Mathers has not only been a generous contributor to the governor’s campaign war chest, he is an advisor to Western Natural Gas’ board of directors, a previously unknown subsidiary
of Brackhaven Investments.

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If BI owns Western Natural Gas, then Sunset Vacations is owned by BI, too. Damn. Her informant must be one hell of a hacker to find that trail. I wonder what else I missed.
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> Maybe you’re just not as good as you think you are.
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