Letter to Beast

Hey Man

Don’t know if you remember me, but I am Buck. We met at the Orc underground party, where we hit some tequila shots together?

I am formerly the right hand and head leg breaker for Johnny “Junior” Torinni. I advanced when my boss was forced out of the business. For the last weeks, I have waged a bloody campaign to keep Torinni’s empire whole and fighting the Yaks, Triads and all other fuckers who comes between me and business.

I know you as a loyal and efficient type, that get things done.

Anyway, about prop23? You know every coin has two sides. So, if prop23 and Project Freedom is a success and we get legit – the District Attorney and Knight Errant scum comes down with law and order. It might affect business in a bad way. I am not saying we should oppose the official Orc underground policy – just wanted to know where you stand man! Head or tails on the fucking Prop.!?

Get back to me, if you want to play and keep tight about this conversation.

– Buck

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