Matrix search: Siren’s Perch Hotel

Harker Street and Fifth Avenue, Everett

A renovated strip mall, the Perch, as it’s called, caters to midlevel corp execs, government officials, and those who can’t afford the best but want something a lot better than “off the streets.” Due to the rise in smuggling operations in Everett, the Perch also does a brisk business for smugglers as well, and they are more than willing to trade services for services on a quid pro quo basis. The operation is currently under the management of Veronica Sebastian, a former corp wageslave turned working girl who was fired from Mitsuhama for alleged “improper activities.” She became manager when she ratted out the previous manager for skimming off the top from the Yakuza owners. Veronica considers herself a businesswoman first, and to her employees are nothing more than assets to be used and traded as needed. Knight Errant hasn’t gotten around to dealing with the Perch yet, as they have had more important things
occupying their time.

> Despite the overall nautical theme, the Perch also has several “theme” rooms available for use. These range from a tropical paradise, to a forest adventure, to a winter wonderland. Often though, the decor is nothing
more than a few cheap trinkets, paint, and wallpaper. But then, people don’t go to places like this for the decor, now do they?

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