Matrix Search: Cuppa Joe’s

Waterfront Road, Off Interstate Five in Tacoma

A small bakery and cafe, Cuppa Joe’s is a favorite of the blue-collar workers, wageslaves, cops, and those traveling down I-5 on their way to or from work. It features standard diner-style foods for breakfast and lunch, but it’s best known for having some of the best pastries, donuts, bagels, and soycaf in the sprawl. Joe’s even serves real coffee that doesn’t cost a month’s wages. The joint is run by a dwarf known as Chip who named the place for his father when he started it ten years ago.

> Word of warning: If you do any biz at Joe’s, be respectful and don’t mess with the place. When Chip opened up shop, he avoided the usual protection and tribute rackets so loved by local criminal-types. Local legend says he did it by offering the local don, oyabun, gang leaders, etc. the “best damn donut they ever had.” Sounds crazy, but it worked because both criminals and cops consider Joe’s to be neutral territory. On any given day you can see yak enforcers standing in line with KE patrolmen, while family capos, salary men, and gangbangers are mixed in among the booths and tables. Chip doesn’t even have a real security system anymore. The last slag who robbed him ended up floating in the sound without his skin. That was six years ago.


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