Press conference: Project Freedom gets a new spokesperson

Live at the Tourist highway

Bull: I welcome you all to this press conference. It is an honor to present our new leader of Project freedom – Helen Shaard. She has been with us a long time, and has tremendous experience. She has been working for the OU for many years, and is a “seasoned political animal”. The difference now is, that she will step forward, as OUs main press contact and leader.

> A beatifull Orc of age 40+ steps up ion the podium and greets Bull with a hug.>

Bull: Helen Shaard has been with the OU for several years now, working on the inner lines as a political advisor both for OU, but also Mother of Metahumans and the Metahumans rights group. she will now take over project freedom as the main political figure and the current leader will step down due to lack of stamina. I will also step back, but I will continue as responsible for security. Helen will now take questions.

Bull steps down and heads into the remains of the Gold Mine to get a beer. Nobody dares to follow him behind the “keep out – danger” signs and plastic ribbons from the police.

Matrix Community gossip
> Shaard was originally from the DeeCee area and graduated  from Brown University as a poli-sci major. She had a bright future ahead of her but got pregnant while on vacation in Seattle by a local who turned out to be an enforcer for the O’Malley family.
> Vince V Vendetta

Whoops. Daddy went down a week later during a dust-up with the yaks, leaving Helen to eventually raise their daughter alone. She decided to settle in the Underground and hooked up with several political elements in Seattle, mainly the ORC, and is now one of their chief organizers.
> Kay St. Irregular

> Just goes to show, even nerd girls love the bad boys.
> Kat O’ Nine Tales

Shaard took over from the previous chapter head after he tried to get her into the sack. She said no to him by kicking his little buddies into his throat. Shaard has the right combination of guts and charisma and she is the driving force behind the whole fragging thing.
> Alas D Vinkler

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