Clash outside Orc Underground turns deadly


SEATTLE—Ten individuals have been reported dead as Prop 23 proponents and opponents clashed  outside of the Big Rhino Bar and Grill yesterday, which serves as a tourist entrance to the Ork Underground. According to Knight Errant officials, approximately 20 individuals in favor of the proposition were peacefully picketing outside the famous Seattle establishment when they were attacked by several small groups who employed improvised explosives and melee weapons while chanting “down with the tuskers” and “nuke the underground,” among other things.

A brief statement from Orc Underground spokesperson Helen Shaard was released urging the violence to stop and for everyone to behave and think twice before letting politics escalate into death and killing.

Governor of the Seattle metroplex Kenneth Brackhaven issued a statement calling the attack preposterous. But when Seattle has a violent area below the city things happen. That is exactly why we need law and order and to stop the chaos the underground stands for.

Reports say that after the initial skirmish began, unknown persons opened up with automatic weapons fire resulting in an escalation where both groups engaged each other with gunfire. As a result, at least ten people were killed, and several more were wounded, though detailed tallies of the casualty are not yet available. Several individuals were witnessed fleeing the scene before Knight Errant officers could respond. According to police reports, both of the groups involved claimed that the other shot first and that they were acting in self-defense. Detective Theodore Athack, head of Knight Errant Special Crimes Task Force, had no further comments about the incident.

Damage to the Big Rhino was described by the manager as minor and the establishment remains open for business at a 10 pct discount the rest of the day.

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