Knight Errant: //Internal Memo: KE-00932-E34

//archive/KnightErrant/Athack/Alert: KE Command, KE Counter-Terrorism Division, KE Security Services Coordinator: Seattle Branch,
KE Special Crimes Task Force: Seattle Branch, KE Matrix Security Division
//Internal Memo: KE-00932-E34
//Subject: Anarchy, update
//Filed by: KE Intelligence Division, Counter-Terrosim Task Force Two
//Date: xx/xx/75
We have recently obtained information from reliable sources that the international terrorist known only as “Anarchy” has traveled, or will soon be traveling, to the Seattle area. Suspect is known to be an expert hacker specializing in data manipulation and penetration of Matrix security systems. Anarchy is believed to be responsible for several high-level Matrix crimes including: breaching UCAS military servers, deleting bank records from corporate banks, and crashing several private aircraft by remote manipulation of craft systems. Visual identification is still unavailable at this time; all known reports are contradictory as to the suspect’s ethnicity and gender. Suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous. All divisions are to report any possible activities that may be linked to subject immediately to KE Intelligence and or KE Counter-Terrorism Division.

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