Murder rocks the Seattle District Attorneys office!

DA David Beatty, ADA Dana Oaks confirmed dead along with several others; ADA Mark Blackfern named
interim DA, vows to bring perpetrators to justice

By Athena Tatopoulos, KSAF

SEATTLE, UCAS — Fifteen minutes ago, Knight Errant security services confirmed that six members of
the DA’s office are dead today following a bloody killing spree that claimed the lives of not only those working with for the DA’s office, but at least ten of their family members as well. Detective Theodore Athack of Knight Errant Special Crimes Task Force said “I can’t reveal what little details we have at this time, but we have reason to believe that a single group of individuals is responsible for the attacks and that we have solid leads we are following up on.

Newly appointed Acting District Attorney Mark Blackfern also had this to say. “This is simply a needless tragedy. Those killed were nothing but loyal servants to the citizens of Seattle, committed to the highest ideals of justice. I’m both shocked and disgusted at the brutality of these murders, but not surprised considering the current political climate and the upcoming issues in the next election cycle. The DA’s office will do everything in its power to see that the full weight and measure of the law be brought down on those responsible for this.

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