Contact: Crazy Mahmoud, Taxidriver

Taxi driver Mahmoud, Yellow cap (or red)
Gender:     Male
Metatype:     Human
Nationality:     US
Hair:     White/grey
Eyes:     Brown
Awakened:     Not at all
Affiliations:     None – work occasionally with all shadowrunners
Meeting Place(s):    Just call Mahmoud and he will come
Location:     Seattle
Traits:     Taxi driver, small talker, lucky, hustler

Connection: 5
Loyalty: none
Specialties: Old school driving, information from the shadows, used cars, Wunderbaum in all flavors

Mahmoud knows he is operation in a competitive market, with  drone taxis and limo services. His pink and white cap isn’t very luxurious, but an increased engine size and a decent amount of armour will take you anywhere in Seattle. As Mahmoud usually says: “The drone taxi haven’t got one of these little friends” and shows a huge shotgun with laser sight. Crazy Mahmoud got his nick name once he used several grenades (smoke and fragmentation) and drove his cap into a sewer pipeline and rescued a Shadowrunner team engaged in a firefight with Ghouls. That day Mahmoud lost his leg from the knee down, and he uses a prosthetic. It is very old and makes a squeaking sound whenever he moves around.

Crazy Mahmoud is a very old man that has been driving cabs in Seattle for a very long time. He’s getting a bit senile, but he always seems to be the cabby that shows up when a runner needs a ride. He knows every shortcut, and has dodged around the law a few times in his career. He’s pretty comfortable with shadowrunners being in his cab, and shoot-outs and high-speed pursuits.

He tends to ramble on about the good ol’ days and this-&-that, sort of talking to himself on rides, but sometimes mentions something useful. Asking for details gets you nothing, he knows enough to shut up when something important comes out. Still though, the little bits that slip from him could be a good lead for a new story, since he’s been around forever and sort of knows everyone.

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